UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering



UCL researchers are working at the forefront of advances in healthcare engineering, pushing the boundaries in areas where cutting-edge engineering innovation has the potential to transform patient care. 
Prevention research | Blood test vials


There is increasing recognition of the importance of preventative healthcare that averts the need for emotionally and physically burdensome, costly and sometimes unsuccessful intervention.

Monitoring research | Xiao Liu's lab


Here at UCL, we are developing a range of monitoring tools from advanced imaging techniques that help clinicians track disease progress through to wearable technologies that help patients self-manage conditions. 

Diagnostics research | Simon Walker-Samuel in front of virtual tumour


Enabling early and accurate diagnosis of disease is imperative to improve treatments’ success rates.

Therapies & Interventions research | SmartLiver team

Therapies and Interventions

Engineering technologies underpin the development of most healthcare therapies and interventions. 

Rehabilitative & assistive technologies research | robotic prosthetic arm

Rehabilitative & Assistive Technologies

At UCL, we are pioneering advancements in the field of rehabilitative and assistive technologies. 

Research excellence | Guofang Xiao with SmartLiver system

Research excellence

We’re incredibly proud of UCL's accolades and status.

Funding | Classroom of students


Find out more about our funding opportunities.

Innovation | woman wearing VR goggles


We work with established bodies and networks to accelerate the translation of innovative research into the clinic. 

Omer in scrubs


See some examples of translational activity from within our healthcare engineering community. 

Colon Cancer cells

Our research priorities

These areas represent pressing healthcare challenges faced around the world.