UCL Health of the Public


Financial requirements and restrictions

UCL Health of the Public Small Grants Scheme financial requirements and restrictions.

You must accept the following conditions as part of your application:

  • Applicants can only make one application to this scheme, as a First or Second Applicant.
  • Funds can be used to cover directly incurred staff costs and directly incurred research costs such as travel, research consumables, equipment under £5000, and workshops. However we are unable to cover any Directly Incurred staff costs for First and Second Applicants.
  • Directly incurred staff costs must be for existing posts or those already being recruited and who will be in place by January 2022.
  • Funding cannot be provided to external partners via subcontract due to the 6 month length of funding available, and the potential delays organising subcontracts would cause to a project. Therefore any work undertaken by external partners would need to be paid for via invoice.
  • The award funding will be allocated to a UCL account by January 2022 and must be spent by 30 June 2022.
  • UCL Health of the Public cannot manage awarded funds on the award holder's behalf. This will be the responsibility of the department that receives the funds.
  • Small Grants Scheme awards will be made as an IDT to a departmental account.
  • All costs associated with the proposed project must be claimed and paid for by 30 June 2022.
  • Award holders will be expected to complete an expenditure report as part of their award report, submitted to the UCL Health of the Public Office by 2 September 2022.
  • Award holders who are unable to complete their proposed activities are requested to contact UCL Health of the Public without delay and arrange for any unused funds to be transferred back to UCL Health of the Public.  
  • Successful applicants will be expected to acknowledge the support that they have received from the UCL Health of the Public in promotional materials related to the supported activities, and in attributable publications.

Please review the eligibility criteria, assessment criteria, and FAQs before applying.