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Podcasts and Lectures

How Health Justice Partnerships are helping patients
BBC Radio 4 Law in Action
Joshua Rozenberg interviews Professor Dame Hazel Genn about the value of integrating welfare rights advice services within NHS care settings. The episode features a spotlight on the Citizens Advice service at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. Listen

Has justice been served during the pandemic?
Coronavirus: The Whole Story Series 
Professor Dame Hazel Genn and Professor Cheryl Thomas QC discuss how coronavirus has highlighted pre-existing inequalities, as well as created new ones - and what lack of access to legal help and social justice can mean for health and wellbeing. Listen here

How is law good for your health? Sir Keir Starmer and Professor Dame Hazel Genn
Public Health Disrupted Series
Sir Keir Starmer (Leader of the Labour Party and former human rights lawyer) and Professor Dame Hazel Genn (Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Vice-Provost International & Advancement) explore the intersections of law and public health, and how law and legal services can help to mitigate health inequalities. Listen here

Justice and Health with Prof Dame Hazel Genn
Voices from Grand Challenges Series
Professor Dame Hazel Genn (UCL Faculty of Laws) discusses the links between health and law, and talks about setting up the UCL Centre for Access to Justice and the UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic, an innovative partnership with a GP practice to deliver free legal advice to vulnerable patients within the practice. Listen 

When lawyers are good for your health
2018 UCL Bentham Association Presidential Address - Prof. Dame Hazel Genn

The UCL Bentham Association Presidential Address delivered by Professor Dame Hazel Genn DBE QC (Hon) on "When Lawyers are good for your health" discussed evidence of the value of integrating legal with health services, as well as some of the challenges involved in lawyers working closely with doctors within the NHS. Watch here