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Virus Watch

Understanding community incidence, symptom profiles, and transmission of COVID-19 in relation to population movement and behaviour.

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The Virus Watch Study (MRC UKRI funded) led by Professor Andrew Hayward, brings together a team of multi-disciplinary researchers from across ten UCL Departments and Clinicians from University College London (UCLH) and Royal Free Hospitals.

This is the largest and most comprehensive community cohort study of COVID-19 in the U.K..  It will follow-up over 40,000 participants across England and Wales for 12 months through online surveys.  A subset of participants (10,000) will be selected to take part in one of three swabbing studies for COVID-19 and all will have immunity (serology) tests at the start and end of the study period.  The results generated will be vital in informing government planning and Public Health and NHS response to COVID-19 as lockdown is eased and we prepare for a future of managing this pandemic. You can view regular updates of study results on our website below.

To find out more visit: www.ucl-virus-watch.net