UCL Institute of Health Informatics


UCL IHI and GOSH DRIVE have teamed up to exchange health informatics expertise

9 May 2024

UCL IHI and GOSH Data Research, Innovation and Virtual Environments Unit (DRIVE) have agreed on a formal relationship which will enable the two world-leading teams to work more closely to accelerate health informatics and improve patient outcomes.


Health informatics is pivotal in leveraging data and digital technologies to provide better care for patients, playing a critical role in the digital transformation outlined in the NHS Long-Term Plan. Hospitals have a large amount of important data, which can be used to speed up health research and benefit future patients. Given the rapid growth of health informatics, acquiring, developing, and sharing skills in this field is key.

At UCL IHI, we are committed to improving healthcare through cutting-edge data-driven approaches. For some time, we have been working closely with GOSH DRIVE. The infrastructure comprises expert data scientists and engineers who utilise the secure Digital Research Environment (DRE) to leverage data from the Electronic Patient Record and 20 years of legacy records, to accelerate data research.

We are very pleased to share that the relationship between UCL IHI and GOSH DRIVE has now been formalised with the DRIVE team becoming affiliates of our Institute. The affiliation marks an exciting step for both organisations in our health informatics journeys. By sharing learnings and knowledge we aim to strengthen expertise, accelerate health informatics research, and ultimately improve patient outcomes not only at UCL and GOSH but also beyond our institutes.

“This formal collaboration and partnership between UCL IHI and GOSH DRIVE will open the door to new research and training opportunities for researchers and students working across the life course. We are excited to bring our communities closer together, and look forward to new, data-driven collaborations that drive improvements in health and care for patients and communities.” Prof Laura Shallcross MBE, Professor of Public Health & Translational Data Science, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Informatics  

“We are really pleased to be formalising our relationship with UCL IHI. Learning from the unique range of expertise that they hold will be invaluable to GOSH as we continue to develop our capabilities and bring more personalised care to patients” Prof Neil Sebire, Chief Research Information Officer, GOSH

The affiliation is based exclusively on the exchange of expertise, no patient data will be shared between the two organisations.