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IHI Seminar: STIMULATE-ICP | 26 April 2022

7 May 2022

STIMULATE-ICP (Symptoms, Trajectory, Inequalities and Management: Understanding Long-COVID to Address and Transform Existing Integrated Care Pathways) introduce their project to the Institute of Health Informatics.

Black words on white background saying Stimulate ICP

STIMULATE-ICP is a major new consortium of over 30 researchers, health professionals, patients and industry partners from over 30 organisations, led by University College London Hospitals NHS Trust and University College London. It is the largest clinical study of Long COVID to date over two years and will deliver knowledge to clinicians and scientists, evidence to policymakers, and improved care to patients while collecting real-world data at scale. 

The team spans a wide range of relevant clinical and academic disciplines including primary care and specialist services, epidemiology, mental health and health economics  It also includes four patient groups who helped develop the research proposals.

There are three main themes in the STIMULATE-ICP programme- (i) mixed methods research to study existing care pathways for Long Covid; (ii) a complex intervention trial of a novel integrated care pathway for Long Covid with a nested drug platform trial; and (iii) detailed studies of inequalities in care for Long Covid and comparisons of care of other long term conditions. In this session, Professor Amitava Banerjee (UCL; chief investigator), Dr Mel Ramasawmy (UCL; qualitative and mixed methods research lead) and Professor Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis (University of York/UCL; long term conditions research lead) discuss the different components of STIMULATE-ICP and how it will add to the knowledge base and improve care for people with Long Covid. Find out more about the Delphi Study and survey.

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