UCL Institute of Health Informatics


New Paper: DISC Study

30 August 2022

A black background that says about the disc study with a picture of an arm and hand in black and white wearing a smart watch. Below is the DISC study logo. Four coloured squares showing a medical cross, a wifi symbol, a water droplet, and a heart.

As part of the DISC (Digital Interventions for South Asians with Cardiometabolic Disease) Study, we conducted a scoping review of frameworks used to understand how digital health interventions are accepted and used in ethnic minority populations, focusing on cardiometabolic disease. Of the 58 relevant papers, we found three frameworks which considered how digital health interventions might interact with or exacerbate existing health inequalities, and three which suggested opportunities to improve equity in the process of health technology implementation and uptake. We found that few frameworks considered ethnicity. Using the identified frameworks, we have created a guide of the factors people can use to understand inequalities in digital health. We hope this will be useful for future research and those who make digital health policies.

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