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HDR UK Phenotype Library reaches major milestone, surpassing 1000 phenotypes

26 August 2022

The HDR UK Phenotype Library is a comprehensive, open access resource providing the research community with information, tools and phenotyping algorithms for UK electronic health records.

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) today announced that the HDR UK Phenotype Library, the largest national standards-driven library of citable phenotyping algorithms, metadata and tools for defining human disease, has now uploaded 1000 phenotypes for use by the research community.

Led by Spiros Denaxas (Professor of Biomedical Informatics at UCL) and Emily Jefferson (Professor of Health Data Science and Director of the Health Informatics Centre at the University of Dundee), the platform enables reproducible and transparent research by the wider research and clinical community by facilitating the storage, dissemination, re-use, evaluation and citation of their own curated algorithms and metadata. 

The Library contains definitions for hundreds of diseases, biomarkers, medications and risk factors based on use of electronic health records.

Emily Jefferson, co-lead of the Phenotype Library, said: “The HDR UK Phenotype Library has reached a momentous milestone with 1000 phenotyping algorithms and metadata now available for use by the research community to drive research.  Over the last few years, the Library has grown to provide a powerful platform for researchers. Now, the ability to access curated, data-driven definitions for 1000 common and rare health conditions gives researchers the opportunity to save time and improve the quality of their research on an all-new scale, to ultimately bring major benefits to patients.”

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