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IHI Joins AIM-CISC: a New £3.9m Research Collaboration on Artificial Intelligence and Multimorbidity

14 September 2021

Congratulations to IHI’s Dr Honghan Wu on this competitive award.

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NIHR awards £12 million to artificial intelligence research to help understand multiple long-term conditions. IHI’s Dr Honghan Wu is a co-applicant of Artificial Intelligence and Multimorbidity: Clustering in Individuals, Space and Clinical Context (AIM-CISC). AIM-CISC (£3.9m) is one of three new Research Collaborations funded by NIHR and led by the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Honghan Wu will lead the Objective 4 work in England to develop and validate AI tools to understand risk of serious adverse events in people with complex multimorbidity and polypharmacy. It will use machine learning and natural language processing on multimodal health data for a better understanding of disease clusters and underpinning complex intervention development.

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