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New Paper: Why are we losing the war against COVID-19 on the data front?

11 May 2021

David Prieto-Merino and colleagues present their new paper, "Why we are losing the war against COVID-19 on the data front and how to reverse the situation".

COVID Particle

When COVID-19 hit, you might have expected the highly digitised health systems of high-income countries to collect, process and analyse the large quantities of clinical data from patients with the disease. That data should have been available to rapidly answer important clinical questions, including around risk factors and prognosis.

This didn't happen.

Instead, our health systems proved unprepared to generate a flow of clinical data that could feed these analyses.

In this new paper, an international team from Spain, the UK and Cuba, including researchers at the UCL Institute of Health Informatics, discuss what happened and suggest concrete ideas that health systems could implement to become learning health systems.

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To find out more, contact the corresponding author David Prieto-Merino, MSc, PhD at david.prieto@lshtm.ac.uk.