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New Paper: Promoting inter-organisational knowledge sharing

12 August 2021

Professor Henry Potts and colleagues present their new paper, "Promoting inter-organisational knowledge sharing: A qualitative evaluation of England's Global Digital Exemplar and Fast Follower Programme"

UCL Campus

The Global Digital Exemplars and their Fast Follower partners represented a major investment in digital transformation for the NHS in England. Different Trusts were linked within the scheme and these inter-organisational partnerships produced significant gains for both follower (FF) and exemplar (GDE) sites. However, formal linkages were most effective where they had facilitated, and were supported by, informal networking. Informal networking was driven by the mutual benefits of information sharing and was optimised where sites were well aligned in terms of technology, geography and culture. Policy makers seeking to promote learning through centrally directed mechanisms need to create a framework that enables networking and informal knowledge transfer, allowing local organisations to develop bottom-up collaboration and exchanges, where they are productive, in an organic manner.

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