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The UCL IHI has a new Mental Health First Aider

11 October 2019

We are delighted to announce that Zareen Thorlu-Bangura, one of the UCL IHI's PhD students, is the institutes newest Mental Health First Aider.

UCL Mental Health First Aider logo
UCL recognises that it' is important to remove the stigma around mental health and face the challenges that it presents. Towards this aim, we are encouraging UCL staff to recieve training in Mental Health First Aid which can only benefit our students and colleagues. 
We are delighted that Zareen Thorlu-Bangura is the IHI's newest Mental health First Aider having completed the two day training course in Scotland whilst she was working at the University of Aberdeen as an assistant trial manager. 
Her training course cover the following topics:
  • Guidance on being a mental health first aider
  • attitudes to mental health issues
  • inequalities
  • the recovery message
  • the impact of alcohol and drugs on mental health
  • introduction to suicide intervention
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding depression

Her role, as a mental health first aider, is to provide an initial response to distress until other suitable or professional help can be found. If you need to speak to Zareen you can emailer her: z.thorlu-bangura@ucl.ac.uk