UCL Institute of Health Informatics


In memory of Espy Rodrigues

1 May 2019

Espy will be missed by all of us, especially those who relied on her competence, rigour and bubbly character.

Espy Rodrigues

Espy joined UCL in May 2003, originally as PA for David Ingram (then Head of Department for the Centre for Health Informatics and Multidisciplinary Education (CHIME)) based at UCL’s Archway Campus.

A reorganisation of the university saw CHIME move into the Institute of Epidemiology and Healthcare, where Espy took over as Manager of CHIME, with responsibility for a portfolio of functions to ensure staff were supported. She is remembered as hard working and a dedicated administrator, who supported a small department that was geographically and historically somewhat isolated from UCL’s support systems. Always incredibly conscientious, Espy took real pride in the competent execution of administration, be it a well-run Exam Board, an Induction Programme or an Open Day.

In 2014 CHIME moved to the newly created Institute of Health Informatics (IHI), requiring Espy to organise two removals, one to a temporary home in the Wolfson Building and finally a move into 222 Euston Road. Espy really wanted the office to go paperless, so each time CHIME  moved office, colleagues recall that she ensured they got rid of half of the paperwork.

By this time, Espy’s role had changed to being more student-focused, with responsibility for a varied and complex body of students, and she became the Institute’s Administrative Lead for Education. She was focused on the students, ensuring that induction involved both lunch and dinner, greeting them personally and answering any questions they might have. In the months following she maintained an open door policy, ensuring students were able to go and see her in person and share their problems and concerns with her whenever they needed.

Espy was always ambitious for her team and keen to see programmes grow and prosper. She understood the importance of social gatherings to help the students integrate, particularly those on blended learning courses who otherwise met rarely. Drinks and snacks were always provided  to help provide the right environment. Espy also organised open days to promote CHIME and the IHI to perspective students. She pushed colleagues to be more open to international students and rightly so. We recently completed the UCL Internal Quality Review, and the documentation that she patiently compiled is a testament to her dedication.

Espy was always a very bubbly character with a laughter that filled the room. She will be missed by all of us, especially those who for years, relied on her competence, rigour and dedication.

To commemorate Espy, following discussion with her family, a JustGiving page which allows people to make a donation to Cancer Research UK has been set up. If you would like to donate, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/espy