UCL Institute of Health Informatics


Health Data Research (HDR) UK London Seminar Series

11 January 2019

Date: 21 January 2019, h.15:00-16:30 Venue: Cockburn Lecture Theatre, Level 2, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Wing, St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College London, South Wharf Rd, London W2 1PG


15:00-15:10   Introduction to HDR UK London - Professor Harry Hemingway, Research Director, HDR UK London

15:10-15:20   HDR UK London at ICL - Professor Paul Elliott, Associate Director, HDR UK London at ICL

15:20-15:30   Data infrastructure and lessons from the 100,000 genomes for HDR - Professor Tim Hubbard, Associate Director, HDR UK London at KCL

15:30-15:45   The relationship between patner bereavement and the first diagnosis of dementia Dr Harriet Forbes, Rutherford Fellow, LSHTM

15:45-16:00   AI for healtcare requires 'smart data' rather than 'big data' - Professor Norman Fenton, QMUL

16:00-16:30   Networking (Light refreshments provided)

To register, please visit: http://bit.ly/2Fj0y0l (Registration deadline: 21/01/2019 11am)