UCL Institute of Health Informatics


New paper on use of electronic dental records in primary health care services in Kuwait

21 February 2019

Digital transformation projects in healthcare require the cooperation of staff on the ground. Kuwait has been adopting electronic health records across its primary health care services, including dentistry. A study led by Dr Bashair Almutairi, who did her PhD at UCL, has found high levels of support for the move to electronic records. However, some barriers were still reported, particularly around technical support and training. The work was carried out with Dr Henry Potts of the UCL Institute of Health Informatics.

Almutairi BA, Potts HWW, Alajmi NH. Medical dental practitioners assessments of electronic dental record in primary health care in Kuwait. Medical Journal of Cairo University 2018; 86(3), 1083-91. Available from: http://medicaljournalofcairouniversity.net/home2/images/pdf/2018/June/01.pdf