UCL Institute of Health Informatics


Professor Paul Taylor's Inaugural Lecture, 12 March 2019

13 December 2018

Professor Taylor's inaugural lecture will explore artificial intelligence in healthcare

Date: 12 March 2019, h. 15:00-17:00

Venue: Room G01, UCL Institute of Health Informatics, 222 Euston Road, London NW1 2DA

Title: "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What’s there to worry about?"


paul taylor
Professor Paul Taylor is Professor of Health Informatics at UCL Institute of Health Informatics. He holds a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Medical Physics from UCL. His research interests have focused on the use of computer systems in clinical decisions, particularly in image interpretation, including mammography and chest radiography. He was a co-investigator on a recent health technology assessment (HTA) project evaluating commercial machine learning software for the automated analysis of diabetic retinopathy images. He is currently leading a major collaborative project to create a resource of routinely collected ophthalmic data, including imaging, to answer a range of questions relating to the progression of disease and effectiveness of treatment for common retinal conditions. He is the author of From Patient Data to Medical Knowledge, a textbook for health informatics.