UCL Institute of Health Informatics


Machine Learning in Healthcare

In an era of modern healthcare, it is essential that all stakeholders are aware of the foundations of machine learning and the latest trends in this field. This introductory and interactive course will provide you with clear insights regarding the associated challenges and opportunities.

This course is run over one day and will cover the basic aspects of machine learning in healthcare. In association with interactive lecture sessions, a number of practical and group discussions are included to make for a vibrant and engaging course. This serves as an opportunity to explore the concepts in greater depth, raise questions, and enable participants to acquire greater understanding regarding the role of Machine Learning in healthcare to automatically discover new associations and the construction of clinical rules and predictive models.

Learning Objectives

  • Outline the requirements for applying ML (machine learning) to healthcare data and assess when their application is warranted
  • Describe methods for the selection and extraction of relevant features
  • Investigate and define suitable ML-methods for problems in prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, phenotyping, and therapy
  • Design effective evaluation frameworks
  • Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of various ML-methods

Course Team

Dr Holger Kunz (Co-Lead)

Dr Holger Kunz is a Senior Teaching Fellow in health data science at the Institute of Health Informatics, University College London. He has been working in health data science and medical informatics for more than twenty years.

Dr Christopher Lovejoy (Co-Lead)

Dr Christopher Lovejoy is a Cambridge-graduate medical doctor and former Clinical Data Science and Technology Lead at the award-winning digital health start-up Cera Care. He is currently undertaking the Data Science and Machine Learning MSc at University College London, and is undertaking research using machine learning to solving clinical problems. He is passionate about education, previously teaching pharmacology at the University of Cambridge and more recently teaching machine learning and its applications in healthcare. Alongside in-person courses, he shares blogs and videos about machine learning in healthcare on his website www.chrislovejoy.me.