Governance and compliance


University Management Committee: Terms of Reference

Information regarding the UCL University Management Committee's formal powers and responsibilities.

Subject to the powers and duties of Council and to the powers delegated by Council to Academic Board:

  1. To take decisions in relation to all aspects of the university’s executive and academic functions, and to be accountable for those decisions through the President & Provost to the UCL Council;
  2. To oversee progress against academic and operational strategy, monitoring the performance of the constituent parts of UCL against a range of key performance indicators and other contextual data;
  3. To consider institution-wide or other significant policies to comply with university and/or external statutory or regulatory requirements;
  4. To consider and interpret the external strategic environment, including changes in government policy and sector developments, and to identify and act on their implications for UCL;
  5. To oversee and monitor closely the financial position of the university, including the proposal of the budget to Council and the allocation of funds within the parameters set by Council;
  6. To ensure the identification and evaluation of key risks that threaten the achievement of the university’s aims, and that a register of those risks is maintained and actively managed;
  7. To consider internal audit reports prior to their submission to Council’s Audit Committee and to ensure that effective management action is taken;
  8. To oversee the effective health and safety management of the university;
  9. To oversee, advise and direct action on the requirements of the Office for Students;
  10. To mandate effective response to immediate and unexpected operational pressures;
  11. To ensure effective reputation management for the university, and ensure effective co-ordination of relationships with government and key institutional partners;
  12. To oversee the effective operations of UMC committees and their implementation of strategic decisions.