Governance and compliance


Use of the UCL Seal

The list of officers authorised to witness use of the UCL Seal.

UCL Regulation for Management 18.3 provides as follows:

  • Except as provided in Regulations 18.6-18.11 below, the Seal shall not be affixed to any deed or document except in the presence of one Member of the Council, and one authorised officer of UCL. The Registrar, as the UCL officer designated by the Council under Regulation 18.1 above, shall maintain a list of other UCL officers authorised for this purpose.

Officers authorised to witness sealings under the above Regulation are as follows:

Vice-President (Operations)
Ms Fiona Ryland

Estates Division
Mr Kevin Argent (Director of Estates Development)
Mr Keith Butler (Assistant Director - UCL East and SLMS)
Mr Richard Jackson (Director, Sustainability and Communications) 
Ms Sian Minett (Director, Estates Portfolio and Business Services) 
Mr Duncan Palmer (Director of Estates Operations)
Mr Rod Pecover (Assistant Director, Capital Projects)
Mr Christopher Shore (Director, Capital Projects)
Mr David Stevens (Director of Transformation (interim))
Mr Neil Turvey (Assistant Director, Capital Projects)
Ms Emma Warren (Head of Commercial)

Finance and Business Affairs
Ms Joyce Bill (Interim Chief Financial Officer)
Ms Kate Pearce (Director of Finance, Business Partnering)
Mr Matthew Swales (Director of Finance Services) 

Legal Services 
Ms Natasha Lewis (Director of Legal Services) 

Student and Registry Services
Ms Wendy Appleby (Registrar)
Mr Nick McGhee (Senior Assistant Registrar (Casework and Governance))
Ms Anne Marie O'Mullane (Assistant Secretary to Council)

UCL Faculties
Dr Julie Evans (Faculty Tutor, Faculty of Brain Sciences)