Governance and compliance


People and Culture Committee: Terms of Reference

Information regarding the UCL People and Culture Committee's formal powers and responsibilities.

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by the University Management Committee (UMC), the People and Culture Committee is charged by UMC:

  1. To ensure that rigorous and transparent employee policies, procedures and systems, in line with relevant employment legislation, are in place and are kept under review, including but not limited to recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, induction, pay, pensions, promotion, training, grievances, discipline, capability, performance management framework, employee relations and succession planning;
  2. To identify external and internal developments and drivers which are relevant to the university’s success to help inform its strategic people priorities;
  3. To encourage innovation with respect to the university’s employment policies; 
  4. To review and develop the university’s approach to the systems for performance management and reward;  
  5. To monitor and evaluate the university’s staff development policies and to promote relevant developmental opportunities for staff;
  6. To oversee the staff consultative process with the recognised trade unions and to advise UMC accordingly ;
  7. To keep under review arrangements for monitoring staff attitudes and opinions;
  8. In collaboration with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, to sponsor programmes of action in support of EDI;
  9. To serve as an escalation point for major operational risks that are unable to be effectively managed/resolved within the relevant sub-area of HR;
  10. To refer matters to the UMC or other committees as appropriate;
  11. To recommend major decisions relating to the HR portfolio to the UMC.