Governance and compliance


Library Committee: Terms of Reference

Information regarding the UCL Library Committee's formal powers and responsibilities.

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by the Academic Committee or the Academic Board, the Library Committee is charged by Council:

  1. To formulate medium- and long-term policy for library provision for UCL.
  2. To keep under review developments in library provision for Institutions of Higher Education.
  3. To consider general management policy at UCL insofar as it affects the library service provided.
  4. To identify strategic development paths most conducive to appropriate library provision for UCL, either in committee or via appropriate working groups as appointed by Library Committee.
  5. To identify strategies for library funding and staffing to enable development along the directions identified in clause 4 above.
  6. To recommend action on clauses 1-5 above to the Pro-Vice-Provost (Library, Culture, Collections & Open Science) or UCL, via the Academic Committee or Academic Board, as appropriate.
  7. To approve proposals by the Pro-Vice-Provost (Library, Culture, Collections & Open Science) for internal distribution of the Library Budget.
  8. To refer such of its business as the Library Committee sees fit to the Academic Board.
  9. To request the Faculty Library Committees to canvass, collate and report to the Library Committee the views of users of the Library on particular key issues which may, from time to time, be needed by the Library Committee to inform policy discussions.
  10. To receive the Minutes of meetings of Faculty Library Committees.
  11. To sustain effective communication with the Faculty Library Committees by submission to the latter of its Minutes.
  12. To receive the Minutes of meetings of working groups that are appointed by Library Committee in accordance with clause 4 above.
  13. To submit to Academic Board annually (or at such frequency as Academic Board may direct), for subsequent submission to Council, a written report of recent activities and developments within the purview of the Library Committee.
  14. To report to the Academic Committee, by submission to the Academic Committee officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Library Committee.