Governance and compliance


Restructuring Academic Units

This procedure note is for faculties proposing restructuring or renaming of formally established academic units.

Queries regarding the below procedure should be directed to Anne Marie O'Mullane.

  1. UCL Statute 10.(1) provides that:

There shall be such academic units of the College as the Council on the advice of the Academic Board may from time to time determine...

and Statute 10.(3) that:

The academic units of the College determined by the Council may be assigned to one or other of the College Faculties by the Council on the advice of the Academic Board.

  1. Proposals to create, dissolve or otherwise restructure academic Departments or to change the name of a Department therefore need to be referred to Academic Board for advice and thence to Council for approval, subject to the advice of the Academic Board.
  2. Proposals for consideration by Academic Board should be forwarded by the Dean of Faculty concerned to the Secretary to Council, following endorsement of the proposal by the Faculty concerned or by the Dean acting on behalf of the Faculty concerned.
  3. Proposals received by the Secretary to Council should:

(a) include a brief reasoned statement in support of the proposal;

(b) confirm the Faculty to which a new, restructured or renamed Department is to be assigned;

(c) indicate the date from which the proposal is to take effect. In doing so, the proposal should allow sufficient time for the necessary system changes to be made.

  1. The Secretary to Council will refer proposals either to the next scheduled meetings of Academic Board and Council or, if the matter is considered sufficiently urgent, to the Provost and the Chair of Council for action on behalf of Academic Board and Council respectively.
  2. When such a proposal has been approved, the Secretary to Council will write formally to notify the Dean of Faculty concerned, the Head(s) of Department(s) concerned, and key officers in the UCL Professional Services.