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The Global Governance Institute (GGI) is a university-wide initiative, promoting cross-disciplinary research and informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.
African Penguin on a rock in Cape Town, South Africa (Joel Herzog / Unsplash)

A Global Pact for Nature: Driving Transformative Change?

A new multilateral agreement aims to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030.

Student Scenario Exercise Group Pic

Back From the Future: How to Reverse from Degrowth Utopia

How can we break out of familiar thinking patterns and imagine radically different futures?

Someone walks along a flooded street in Asia

Explaining Transformative Change in ASEAN and EU Climate Policy

New publication as part of the Cambridge University Press Elements in Organizational Response to Climate Change series.

Protest Sign: No Business on a Dead Planet (Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

A Global Economy that Works for People and the Planet

Exploring different perspectives on the role of economic growth in supporting sustainable societies.

Frans Francken mankinds dilemma

34: Rhoda Howard-Hassmann – In Defense of Universal Human Rights

Rhoda Howard-Hassmann joins us to talk about the universality of human rights, women’s rights, citizenship apartheid and cultural relativism.

Mangroves from above

Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health: Towards a Shared Agenda

Exploring the prospects for more integrated governance across the nature-related SDGs.