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BSc/MSci programme FAQs

Read the most frequently asked questions for applicants applying to the BSc Business and Health at UCL's Global Business School for Health.

Can you explain the difference between the BSc and the MSci options for this programme?

The BSc Business and Health programme differs from the MSci Business and Health option in that you'll complete the BSc in 3 years and leave with a Bachelor of Science degree whilst the MSci will add an extra year on to your studies and only after the 4th year will you complete the programme coming out with an integrated Master in Science qualification.

The MSci option also gives you the change to undertake a work placement and study abroad option which you don't get with the BSc option.

Please view our programme page to see how the module structure differs between the two options.

How many years is the Business and Health programme?

The BSc programme is 3 years in length whilst the MSci option is 4 years.

What are the various routes that you can take on this programme?

You then have the flexibility to select one of our routes and to specialise in either healthcare management or health science while continuing to build your knowledge in business and management core areas. The programme will provide you with a broad introduction to key principles and practices in business management, which examine accounting, marketing, finance, strategy and entrepreneurship to enable you to become familiar with the core issues concerning planning, organising, leading and controlling activity in the context of health and healthcare. The structure is designed to enable students to specialise and tailor the programme to their specific needs and interests by providing the opportunity to study a diverse range of modules on the route of their choice. The programme is distinctive in that it provides you with a unique lens in which to understand health as well as business. This programme is highly relevant whether you are considering a career in the private, public or third sector as well as across a range of professions that make up this evolving and dynamic landscape that is health services.

Can I change routes?

There will be a window of opportunity for switching routes until module selection period closes in mid-October. 
If you are considering changing routes, it is best to raise your concerns as soon as possible with your personal tutor or programme director.

Is there limited space on each route? 

The routes are not limited to a certain number of students. 

Can I study abroad?

Yes, if you take the 4 year integrated Masters MSci route you'll have the option in your 3rd year to study abroad.

Find out more about the course structure and modules here.

Is there a work placement provided through the programme?

Yes, if you take the 4 year integrated Masters MSci route you'll have the option in your 3rd year to undertake a work placement.

Find out more about the course structure and modules here.