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Andria Savva shares her four favourite SU clubs and activities at UCL GBSH

1 May 2024

Our Social Media Ambassador, Andria Savva, has shared her four favourite SU clubs and activities, as an international student from Cyprus. Learn more about what the Students' Union at UCL has to offer students from yoga, to wellbeing to healthcare related networking!

Andria SU blog post may 2024

Project Active Sunset Rooftop Yoga

As I am based at UCL East, one of the most interesting events I’ve heard of was the Project Active Sunset Rooftop Yoga. Although I did not attend because it was raining that day (classic London weather), the thought of doing relaxing yoga on the third floor of One Pool Street during the sunset just screamed nirvana to me. It can be difficult to find time to exercise in London, so this is not to be missed!

Healthcare Innovation Pitching Society

A society that has been created at UCL East and is extremely innovative is the Healthcare Innovation Pitching Society. This is an amazing opportunity for GBSH students interested in innovating the healthcare industry to learn and compete their pitching skills while also networking with important people in this industry. These amazing features can be experienced by anyone with only a small membership fee. 

Wellbeing Wednesday Crafternoon at Marshgate

With exam season right around the corner for some students or already finished for others, supporting our wellbeing and mental health as students is very important considering the high stress environment that university can be. At UCL East, a free Wellbeing Wednesday Crafternoon at Marshgate might be exactly what we all need. Taking place May 1st, this can be a great opportunity to visit UCL East and enjoy a walk around East London. 

Cypriot and Hellenic Society

As a Cypriot studying in the UK, the first society club I was interested in was the Cypriot and Hellenic society here at UCL which helps new students meet their peers before moving away from home, helps organise fun events like live music nights, bingo, and helps us experience the Greek and Cypriot Culture away from home. 

No matter which country you are arriving for, there will be something available to you that makes you feel at home. For example, here are few more societies for people of different ethnicities: 

The suggestions above are a few examples. If you are interested in finding something related to your home country or specific interests that you have, you can use this link to search for SU groups/clubs.

Overall, the UCL Students' Union is an amazing organisation that offers students chances to be part of a society or even take leadership positions in it and help with volunteering opportunities. Considering the cheap fitness classes, social clubs, wellness activities and sports clubs that they offer, they also help students find where they fit in, make friends and find new interests. 

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