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UCL GBSH Alumni Insights: Thriving in Healthcare Leadership

19 March 2024

Dive into the success stories of UCL GBSH alumni, as narrated by our Social Media Ambassador, Kareena Rajani. Gain insights into their transformative journeys, from mastering healthcare leadership skills to navigating real-world challenges and networking opportunities.


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and biotechnology, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders and innovators of the industry.  

Here at UCL's Global Business School for Health (GBSH), we take pride in nurturing talent that not only excels academically but also thrives in the real-world challenges of the healthcare sector.  

Today, we're delighted to share insights from two esteemed alumni who graciously offered their perspectives on how their journey at UCL prepared them for the exciting paths ahead. 

Alumni Perspectives: 

Reflecting on their experiences, here’s what our alumni have shared: 

"One thing that MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management honed would be learning to read, comprehend, and act based on insights from various research papers, scientific documents, and industry journals. The GBSH events introduced me to some exceptional people who challenged my thinking approaches, and the diverse cohorts broadened my perspective.   I’m deeply grateful to the UCL Careers team and our program lead who have been quite supportive throughout my job application journey and provided clarity about the immigration process when I had questions. 

However, in all honesty, being the first cohort, there were often logistical challenges, unclear expectations of what needed to be done for the tasks/assignment well in advance and the depth of subject knowledge was intermediate level. However, I’m confident that the department will continue to refine the course offerings with each year that passes. The UCL alumni network is quite strong and often really approachable and helpful. 

For prospective students, I would advise assessing your learning priorities carefully. If you value building a robust network, embracing diversity, and refining your critical thinking skills, this program offers a conducive environment. However, if you seek specialized subject expertise or aspire to leadership roles, it's worth exploring other options tailored to those objectives.”

Another Alumni shared the following:

"My time at UCL has been really productive and intriguing. The courses are not just theoretical but focus on enhancing the practical skills of students. 

Through abundant networking opportunities, I've had the chance to connect with professors, alumni, and experienced professionals from leading organizations, which has been a key takeaway from my time at UCL GBSH. These events have immensely contributed to my professional growth. 

UCL's diverse student life, coupled with engaging courses, has enhanced my interpersonal, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, providing me with exposure to the latest healthcare innovations. 

It's been a fulfilling journey for both personal and professional development, summing up a positive experience for me at UCL GBSH."  

Similarly, another alum echoed the sentiment of practical learning and abundant networking opportunities. They emphasised the blend of theoretical knowledge with practical skills, facilitated by engaging courses and interactions with experienced professionals. Their journey at UCL GBSH not only enhanced their professional competencies but also fostered personal growth and leadership development. 

As we conclude, these alumni testimonials encapsulate the essence of what makes UCL's Global Business School for Health a unique and enriching educational experience. Beyond the academic curriculum, the cultivation of critical thinking, practical skills, and a vibrant network prepares our students for the complexities of the healthcare industry. Whether you're a current student or considering joining our community, we invite you to explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success with us at UCL GBSH.