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Mastering Your MBA Health Application: Insider Tips for Success

11 March 2024

Master the MBA Health application journey at UCL's Global Business School for Health with Khalid Alderaa's expert tips. From prep to networking, ensure success!

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Top tips for applying for the MBA Health

Applying to MBA Health at UCL’s Global Business School for Health is a journey that has to be well prepared for. This journey starts from the point you know about the program, whether by hearing about it from your friend or reading about it on the internet and ends by getting your unconditional acceptance into the program. During this journey, there are multiple tips that would make it smoother and easier to grant yourself a seat and be an MBA Health candidate.

Prepare your requirements prior to your application.

As a prospective student of any program, there are a few requirements to be fulfilled in order to get the chance to apply for that program. UCL’s MBA Health is not an exception. Preparing your IELTS requirements will make you more likely to have your accepted unconditionally rather than being conditionally accepted. This will save you time and effort trying to do the exam with a squeezed timing. 

Another point to consider is preparing a personal statement explaining why you would like to join the program and what is the attractive points to you in this program. Also, you should make sure to include in your personal statement the aspiration of this program you wanted to get where it would eventually take you.

Attend the open days

One of the good points of the MBA Health program is there are frequent open days where you can attend as a person who has the ambition to join Global Business School for Health’s MBA Health program. During these open days one of the faculty of this program is explaining the program and what to expect from being part of it. As a person with interest, you can ask questions regarding the finest details if you were not able to get the answer through the program page and that’s the whole point of open days!

Reach out to Alumni or Current Students

Sometimes, no one understands how things go studying like students themselves! Reaching out to current students and asking them about the program, their reflections, and their specific view of the program is extraordinarily helpful. You can reach out to students by either knowing them or you can ask the program directors to suggest someone willing to do so. Also, you can use LinkedIn to find those people and reach them by yourself.

In addition to the current student, reaching out to alumni can support you and widen your perspectives on the possible future opportunities after graduating from the program and possible career paths.

Link your experience to the program

Preparing yourself for how this program is related to your previous experiences and how it will positively affect your future career path is strongly advisable. Try to write down your personal aspirations and plans and link them to the MBA Health program materials and modules. Having career development or career shift plan is crucially important in understanding how this program will help you and how you can get the most out of it.