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Exploring Physical Fitness and Sports Activities at UCL East

21 March 2024

From Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the state-of-the-art facilities at the London Aquatics Centre and Lee Valley VeloPark, our Social Media Ambassador, Khalid Alderaa, highlights the options for anyone that is looking to lead an active lifestyle.

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The newly opened UCL East campus, where Marshgate and One Pool Street accommodation have plenty of places for your physical activities. Being in the middle of a national park is a great motivation to consider regular physical activities. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a relatively newly established park in 2012 where the Olympic games took place. Activities range from free activities like walking and running to hiring bicycles to move around the park. Being on UCL’s East campus is an excellent way to increase your physical activities more than in other areas.

London Aquatics Center and track cycling

Another great spot for more advanced activities is the London Aquatics Centre. The centre offers a variety of activities and classes. Swimming training classes are available for people interested in learning how to swim. An Olympic 3-meter swimming pool is available for more advanced swimmers. Additionally, there are excellent gym facilities where you can enjoy spending time building your body. You can join the centre with a student discounted plan as a UCL student.

For more advanced cycling on professional tracks or to participate, Lee Valley VeloPark is the right spot to choose. You can start an excellent professional track cycling journey from here!

Football, tennis, and hockey playing grounds

And if you are a collective sports fan, this is your place! For football players who like to play regularly, there are multiple football playing fields around UCL’s East campus. One way to do that is to try building your own team of players and play well!

Those who are interested in playing more sports depending on using their hands; Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is the place to go. With large professional and Olympic sizes, playing there is made more fun!

Whether you are a professional sportsperson who wants to find places specifically designed for their needs or an amateur player who wants to spend some time doing sports in general, UCL’s East campus is your place to experience all these aspirations with multiple facilities and areas suitable for your sports activities.

UCL’s running activities

UCL's Project Active usually arranges running activities for students on the East Campus. Students can be part of these activities as they build their networking and physical skills. Being on the East Campus has the benefit of being beside Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is a great place to do sports.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to sports, there's something for everyone! Remember to use your student discount and take advantage of these opportunities and stay active at UCL's East campus.