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Anna Prianka Cyril Media Feature: Breaking Tradition with Foreign University Education

26 March 2024

Follow the remarkable journey of a MBA Health Student, Anna Prianka Cyril, who overcame challenges to pursue her passion in healthcare. From aspiring doctor to MBA Health Student at UCL GBSH, discover her drive to make a difference in this media feature.

anna prianka cyril media feature

The Indian Express, a national Indian media outlet with a readership of 1.6 million, has profiled MBA student Anna Prianka Cyril as part of the outlets recurring segment called 'Life in a Foreign University'.

Embark on an inspiring journey where Anna turned setbacks into opportunities in the dynamic world of healthcare. She transitioned from a childhood dream of becoming a doctor to pursuing an MBA in Health at UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) in the UK, driven by a passion for making a difference.

Explore her experiences in the Chevening Shakti women’s mentoring program, her cultural immersion in London, and eye-opening global challenges in India. Learn about the contrasting educational approaches between India and the UK, and gain insights into the admission process for UCL GBSH.

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