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KTP between UCL and a Charity to Introduce Drugs for people living with Parkinson’s

8 April 2024

Exciting KTP between UCL & Cure Parkinson’s launches, introducing drugs for Parkinson’s & creating a unique job opening for a Market Access Lead. Join this groundbreaking project to impact global healthcare. Apply by April 14, 2024.


We are excited to announce a successful partnership between UCL and Cure Parkinson’s through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) valued at £365k to conduct this initiative over the next three years (2024 – 2027). Cure Parkinson’s is a medical research charity which has facilitated more than £75 million of investment into clinical trials searching for a cure or treatments that slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s disease. 

This is the first KTP between UCL and a charity, and for the Global Business School for Health (GBSH), which was launched in 2022. This multidisciplinary partnership facilitates collaboration between Cure Parkinson’s researchers at the Institute of Neurology and the Global Business School for Health (GBSH), contributing to translating neuroscience discoveries into disease-modifying treatments for patients with neurological diseases. 

This effort is led by Prof Tony Schapira, Head of the Department of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. The commercialisation of new disease-modifying drugs is overseen by Dr Radi Haloub, The Programme Director for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management at the Global Business School for Health. This is an opportune moment to set plans in motion, implement actions that provide access to medicine for niche market segments, and strategise changes in global market dynamics in developed and low-middle-income countries. Dr Haloub said, “This great opportunity provides a meaningful contribution to people living with Parkinson’s and will significantly impact their quality of life”. 


The team are currently recruiting a KTP Associate who UCL will employ to work full-time for three years on this innovative project, based at Cure Parkinson’s offices in Central London, putting the latest academic research into practice. This presents a unique opportunity to gain commercial skills and experience while working at the intersection of a dynamic charity transforming patients’ lives and a world-leading university. The Associate will work on an innovative and scientifically rigorous project supported by academics at the forefront of their fields and senior management at Cure Parkinson’s. 

The team are motivated to undertake this project because there are some breakthroughs in Parkinson’s research (biomarkers, patient stratification), and therapeutics are being tested with this new thinking, working alongside an ever more responsive regulatory landscape globally. There are real opportunities to make a tangible difference to people living with Parkinson’s, the fastest-growing neurological condition, even though many of the drugs currently being evaluated are generic and might not attract the interest or investment of the industry. However, this KTP presents an excellent opportunity to provide access to medicines and launch products to treat Parkinson’s. 

The primary focus of the Associate’s actions is the ability to employ a patient-centric approach, working closely with researchers under the supervision of Cure Parkinson’s and UCL academics. This involves collecting primary and secondary data from patients and medical teams, identifying gaps in the market, managing stakeholders’ expectations, and establishing a launch plan to access global markets. Throughout this period, participation in various conferences and establishing industry relationships are expected to formulate a plan for product launch successfully. 

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Job details: Market Access Lead for Disease Modifying Drug Development – Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate (ucl.ac.uk)

The post is offered a salary on UCL Grade 6B, with a salary of £37,332 - £39,980 per annum, including London Allowance.

Appointment in Grade 7 depends upon being awarded a PhD, and a starting salary of £42,099 per annum, including London Allowance, will be offered. 

Application deadline: 14th April 2024 

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