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Healthcare Leader Media Feature: Has the NHS found its strategy?

1 September 2023

Featured in Healthcare Leader, Professor Nora Colton urges for a decentralised health system, empowered local communities, and leveraging data for smarter healthcare. She calls for political leaders to abandon short-termism and drive long-term NHS solutions.

Has the NHS found its strategy?

"Leveraging data will be essential to a new framework of health services. At UCL’s Global Business School for Health, we are experts in analysing healthcare models from around the world. We’ve looked at many countries where data is being used to treat patients more smartly from pre-diagnosis onwards. For example, in the United States, healthcare leaders in Durham County, North Carolina, are pooling data to direct health and social care. They have created an integrated data system that allows various community stakeholders to coordinate efforts and improve care in communities by democratising the local health data for tracking interventions. Similarly, Indian healthcare startup THB is making a significant difference by using health data to help stakeholders with planning and predicting diseases as well as patient risk assessments and clinical pathways. There is an opportunity to do the same through an ICS, with a focus on population health, community, and local government collaboration that includes all stakeholders."

Healthcare Leader provides a platform for senior clinical leads in NHS primary care to ensure they stay up to date with all the financial and political news and gives them the opportunity to share innovative ideas to help them in making the tough decisions which effect patient care.

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