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Spotlight on MSc student Jingyi Zhang: journey and experience

30 November 2023

Discover our MSc student Jingyi Zhang's journey. We interviewed Jingyi and highlighted her experience at GBSH, providing insight for prospective students.


Student Name: Jingyi Zhang

Programme: MSc Global Healthcare Management (Finance)
Nationality:  China

Why did you choose to apply for the MSc Global Healthcare Management?
I selected this project because COVID-19 in the post-pandemic era has posed threats to public health and brought new opportunities for the development of the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries. Meanwhile, with people's enhanced health awareness, health expenditures increase, further improving these industries' prospects. As a business student, I notice the trend and would like to seize the opportunity to combine my business expertise with insights into healthcare development to seek a position in the public health sector.

Are you interested in a particular area of Global Healthcare Management? If so, why?
Upon graduation, I aim to work for the Big Four and take up a position as a consultant in the realm of healthcare. With my knowledge in the industry, I will help medical enterprises formulate strategies for regional development in the coming years. Otherwise, I can join the medical healthcare team in securities companies to dedicate myself to the cause. I believe my career goals will be achieved if given strong support from your programmer.

What value will this programme add to your career moving forward?
Through my GBSH study, I learned theories and principles of healthcare management, gained valuable insights into the global business practices in the healthcare industry, and developed skills in analysing data, identifying business opportunities, and managing projects. Meanwhile, I would like to collaborate with my peers on research projects to exchange ideas and improve my research skills. It is also worth mentioning that among the diversified courses provided, I am particularly interested in accounting and financial reporting in global health management since my undergraduate major was accounting, which emphasises accounting calculation in financial reports. Still, I learned profound and useful analysis methods from this model to enhance my understanding of reports. Lastly, developing transferable skills, including communication, teamwork, and managerial skills, will surely increase my employability and help me better carry out routine tasks in the workforce.

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about applying for the MSc Global Healthcare Management?
The GBSH project provides a unique platform for a healthcare career. If you want to apply this project, I think there are some points you should pay attention to. Firstly, you should assess your background and whether it matches this project. After that, you should highlight your relevant experiences in the personal statement. Last, you should be interested in the health sector and stay informed about current healthcare trends.

Talk me through a typical day in life as a GBSH student.
In general, the life in GBSH is interactive and exciting. The course component of the project, which combines lecture and seminar, is an effective way to enhance understanding knowledge and prompt expression and communication ability. As a GBSH student, my daily study time is exciting lectures that provide helpful knowledge and group discussions that can improve my understanding of theories and apply these learned from the course.

What have you enjoyed the most since starting at the UCL GBSH?
GBSH projects develop an active and accessible learning environment where you can express your opinion with your tutors or classmates from different cultures and industries. The collision of the views leads to more exciting sparks and expands your horizons.