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The English Language support available at UCL

27 March 2023

An international student whose first language is not English shares their experience of studying in the dynamic environment of UCL and all of the English Language support that UCL provides.

English language support UCL GBSH

As an international student whose first language is not English, studying in the dynamic environment of UCL can appear to be challenging at first. However, UCL has your back!

UCL offers a plethora of English language support services to students who need it. From workshops to tutorials to one-on-one support, UCL will provide you with all of the assistance you may need.

Here are some resources that you can look through to make adapting to the English language easier for you.

1. UCL Academic Communication Centre (ACC)

ACC at UCL is a dedicated service that provides English language support tailored to faculties across UCL for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The ACC webpage has much more information on how to access the numerous services they offer to students.

2. Credit-based modules

ACC provides credit-based modules for UCL students to enhance their English language skills. These are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

3. Part-time academic courses for English

PhD students can enrol in part-time courses made exclusively for them by the ACC to help them in furthering their academic journey.

4. Postgraduate workshops

The ACC offers workshops for postgraduate students that are useful for improving their grasp of the English language for their coursework and research. They are helpful for improving verbal skills, written skills and critical thinking.

5. CLIE Self-Access Centre

All UCL students can utilise the CLIE Self-Access Centre database to complement their English language learning inside the classroom. It is an excellent resource with an extremely rich database comprising a large number of multimedia data.

6. Students’ Union Language and Writing Program

UCL’s Students’ Union provides exceptional language and writing support to students to practise their English language skills. In addition to workshops, they provide one-on-one support and weekly ‘Coffee and Conversation’ sessions to help you get together with other students, practise your spoken English and get into the groove of the English language.

7. E-learning resources

UCL’s students’ moodle pages and a vast variety of e-learning resources give students the support to help improve their writing and research skills.

Regardless of your year of study, UCL will have something to offer you to improve your English language skills that work around your schedule and are suitable for you. Signing up for courses and workshops is simple. You can do your research and work out what feels the most helpful to you. These courses do tend to be quite popular, so it is a good idea to keep on the lookout for them. All relevant information can be found on UCL’s Academic Writing Pages.

Happy learning!