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My experience at GBSH International Picnic Day

23 June 2023

Hear from our student ambassador Feham how UCL GBSH celebrated diversity with an international picnic. Featuring a food fair, societies fair, talent show, and awards, it was a day of community, recognition, and inspiration.


UCL Global Business School of Health (GBSH) is the epitome of diversity. To celebrate this aspect of its community, on May 18th, the school organised an international picnic. This was a fabulous opportunity for students to relax, unwind and get their minds off academic stress. The international picnic was more than just a day off from academics. It was a celebration of our diversity, a chance to connect with our peers, and an opportunity to explore new passions. It brought us all together, fostering a sense of unity within the GBSH community. With a great variety of activities, students could connect with and learn from the diverse set of students on campus. This event included an international food fair, UCL East societies involvement fair and sports. It was a day full of recognition, celebration, and inspiration.


One of the most exciting parts of the event was undoubtedly the highly anticipated international food fair, a food extravaganza that truly elevated the entire experience. It provided a wonderful opportunity for students hailing from diverse backgrounds to show off their culinary skills and proudly share their mouth-watering home cuisines. The fair was a culinary journey that transcended geographical boundaries. It was clear that the students poured their heart and soul into their creations. From spicy curries to cheesy pasta, from aromatic stir-fries to delicious arepas, you name it, we had it all. It was a true celebration of global gastronomy! This brought everyone together, and the campus transformed into a vibrant tapestry where people from different cultures networked, laughed, and savoured every bite. It was a beautiful fusion of flavours and friendships.


The societies involvement fair allowed students to learn about the different societies present at UCL and how to become a member and actively participate in their events. It was like a crash course in joining the clubs and societies and making the most of the remaining university experience.


The talent show was a time for students to let their inner star shine and showcase their skills. The event was a celebration of the diverse talents and passions that make GBSH so vibrant. From poetry to singing, the audience was left in awe! The talent show was a chance for all of us to come together and celebrate the incredible talent and achievements within our school. One standout moment was when Konrad, a student from the Digital Health and Entrepreneurship program, took the stage and left everyone mesmerised with his piano skills. Witnessing the talent show, we not only had the opportunity to appreciate the immense talent and creativity of our fellow students but also felt inspired by the incredible things that can be achieved when we unleash our passions.


And finally, we had the GBSH awards, much like the Oscars of GBSH! These included the best student award, the best course representative, and even the best mentor award. Prof Nora Colton presented these. It was a true validation of all the hard work, dedication, and outstanding contributions students had made to the GBSH community.