Global Business School for Health


From Classroom to Career: Navigating the Healthcare Journey

27 June 2023

Our student ambassador Rida captures the transformative journeys of GBSH graduates in the dynamic world of healthcare. Discover insights and advice for future students. Dive into the power of education with us.


In the dynamic world of healthcare, the journey from aspiring student to accomplished professional is one filled with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable moments. For those pursuing a career in the noble field of healthcare, the path can be both demanding and immensely rewarding. In this blog, we have the privilege of sharing the journey and experience of some graduates from the Global Business School of Health (GBSH). Join us as we explore their journeys, discover what they love about their education, and gain valuable advice they have for new students. 

"My journey with GBSH at UCL has been a transformative one, shaping my perspective and equipping me with invaluable skills for my career. I was consistently captivated by GBSH's innovative curriculum, which seamlessly merges the worlds of business and healthcare. This allowed me to deeply understand the dynamics of the health sector and the pivotal role business strategies play in it.

What I loved most about GBSH was the stimulating academic environment, filled with opportunities to collaborate with forward-thinking peers and learn from distinguished faculty. These interactions often transcended the boundaries of the classroom, sparking enlightening discussions and fostering lifelong connections.

For incoming students, I suggest that you immerse yourself in the GBSH experience fully. Leverage the wealth of resources available to you, and don't hesitate to step outside your comfort zone. Remember, GBSH is not just a school but a catalyst for your career in the dynamic intersection of health and business. Soak up every moment, and I am confident your time at GBSH will be as fulfilling and impactful as mine. Welcome to the GBSH community!"  - Omar El-Muhanna (MSc Biotech & Pharmaceutical Management) 

"At GBSH, I was fortunate to have an extremely diverse cohort within my course that made the experience extremely exciting. It was surprising yet enlightening to learn how we differed and often shared similar perspectives across the healthcare modules and concepts taught. I would recommend incoming students to enter into the program with an open mind and be willing to learn, unlearn and share new ideas constantly." - Ayushi Bharati (MSc Biotech & Pharmaceutical Management)

"I learned a lot of new things during my study at GBSH, especially from my analytical route modules. Besides, I have the opportunity to collaborate with my peers in several group projects in which I’m able to learn from many different perspectives, not to mention the academic support provided by GBSH that I found helpful.

My advice for the incoming student enjoys your study and grab any opportunity from this faculty." - Intan Wahyu Cahyani (MSc Global Healthcare Management)

These student success stories are truly inspiring. We thank the students for sharing their journeys, highlighting what they loved about their education, and providing invaluable advice to new students. Their stories remind us of the transformative power of education and the possibilities it holds for personal growth and success. Embrace opportunities, seek support, and make the most of your time to create your own success story.