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GBSH in the media: Dr Zappa featured in the FT Business School Insider Newsletter

11 July 2023

Explore the latest research conducted by Dr Paola Zappa, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at GBSH, shedding light on the impact of gender on knowledge hiding behaviors in the workplace.


"Rationalised hiding does not necessarily involve deception and leads to lower turnover intentions and higher job satisfaction. Therefore, men are likely to benefit more as they protect their knowledge by selecting the most inconsequential or safest way to do so," explains Dr Paola Zappa, lecturer in Organizational Behaviour and HR management.

For women, openly admitting to not sharing knowledge may be perceived as going against the social expectation of being caring and helpful, leading to negative responses from colleagues. Dr Zappa continues, "By pretending not to know the answer to a colleague’s request, women might reinforce the gender stereotype of not being competent, harming their reputation within the company."


Dr Zappa's recent research on knowledge-hiding behaviour reveals that men tend to hide knowledge from colleagues more frequently, while women are more likely to do so by providing incomplete information or "playing dumb." The study gained recognition after being featured in the Workplace Wellbeing Professional magazine and was subsequently highlighted in the esteemed Financial Times Business School Insider newsletter.

Workplace Wellbeing Professional is a UK-based magazine website launched in September 2022 by Black and White Trading Ltd. It provides comprehensive news and analysis on various employee well-being topics, including physical and mental health, remote working, financial well-being, and legal protections, among others.

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