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Interview with my Global Healthcare Management (Analytics) classmates

13 February 2023

GBSH Social Media Ambassador Intan recently asked some Global Healthcare Management (Analytics route) students about their favourite module(s) and why. Here's what they said:

group of students talking


YingJia headshot

Public Health Data Science is the module that attracts me the most. It requires the utilisation of R for healthcare data explorations, which fits my interests well. I also expect to learn about some health-related data sources and analytical tools through this module.

Yushan Li:

Yushan Li headshot

It’s the Health Economic/Economic Evaluation and Health Financing modules for me. The quantitative analysis and calculation parts are really useful and practical. I learned a lot from the coursework and from the academic research. I also enjoyed the presentations in a group setting.


Ali's headshot

The module that I'm most looking forward to is the Changing Health Systems module this semester! Especially since we can look directly at the healthcare industry and its growth over the years, which I'm interested in!


Haya's headshot

I really like Changing Health Systems in term 2. What I like most about this module is that it gives me a broader view of all the related aspects of health systems. Additionally, it brings more clinical information to understand the health systems' situations.


Hongjia's headshot

My favourite module is CHME0018 Machine Learning. I like to learn about how to find the story behind the data as I find the process of doing this really interesting.


Savitri's headshot

My favourite module so far was health economics studied in the first term. I loved it so much, and the teaching was excellent. I'm still studying a bit of it this term as well! I love how it challenges one to think, and it can so broadly be applied even in the subjects we're studying this term. I feel that good economics is so essential in today's world and always has been!


Sachi's headshot

My favourite module was health economics and financing. Since I'm from a clinical background, it really did make me understand the fundamentals of the intricacies of the world of healthcare finance. It equiped me with the necessary tools to make better decisions and understand how to effectively and efficiently utilise resources in healthcare.


Rida's headshot

So far, I have had the most fun in machine learning and health economics (economic evaluation and health financing). The knowledge can be applied and co-related with real-time situations. These subjects were more factual too!

Shu Ying:

Shu ying's headshot

This term's new course - Changing Health Systems, is by far the most appealing course to me because the course gives insight into the development of health systems worldwide and in various countries, which is essential for students with little/no previous medical, health, or clinical experience. Also, I feel that the teachers are friendly and good at guiding students to think in the right/relevant direction, especially during tutorials where they connect the questions to the current situation and expand on it, which I find really useful.


Tiger's headshot

So far, I like machine learning the most. First, it's related to my bachelor's degree in mathematics with statistics since it requires some analysis. Second, it can help to anticipate the health conditions of patients. From my point of view, the participation of technology can significantly contribute to health systems.

Hui Ying:

Hui Ying's headshot

In my opinion, the module that attracts me the most is GBSH0007, Changing Health Systems. It's about how to improve health systems all over the world. Different countries have different health systems. Learning the best practice and how to improve them is pretty interesting.



My favourite module so far is Changing Health Systems. Though I have just taken two sessions, I really like the case-based discussion about how changes happened and especially the extended discussion initiated by the professor and TAs as well as their insights.


Yao's headshot

Changing health systems is my favourite because I think it’s fun to analyse health systems from different countries based on their own economic, geographic and context. Having that global awareness is really valuable to me.