Global Business School for Health


Here are the top 5 things about UCL GBSH that students love the most

17 February 2023

The Global Business School for Health is the first business school of its kind in the world, and UCL has done an outstanding job of providing students with an educationally rewarding and unique experience. Hear what our SMA and GBSH student, Sachi Bhutani had to say...

Landscape of the UCL East campus

Here are the top 5 things about UCL GBSH that students love the most

  1.  GBSH values its students

The student experience at GBSH is carefully curated with the input of the students, whose voices and feedback are truly valued. Additionally, the support provided by the staff members and student advisors to the students is remarkable and genuinely makes GBSH much more than just an academic institution.

  1. Health Executives in Residence

One thing you can be sure of as a student at GBSH is that you will meet your heroes. UCL students get the opportunity to meet the people that are currently shaping and inspiring the future of healthcare. The Health Executives in Residence are leaders in their fields who have volunteered their time to help mentor GBSH students. There are sessions that we, as students, have access to which enable us to gain the knowledge and support we need for future careers and beyond.

  1. Relevant Coursework

UCL’s GBSH is without a doubt a contemporary institution. Everything that the students work on is relevant and up-to-date. We are taught to embrace the future and learn from the past in order to be the leaders of the future. The curriculum is designed to challenge us intellectually and to encourage innovative thinking, while equipping us with highly employable skills.

  1. Tailored Career Support

UCL GBSH provides its students’ with top-notch career services to ensure that future healthcare changemakers get the head start they deserve. The careers services work with students to ensure that they find suitable career paths for their success in future endeavours.

  1. Flipped Learning

Even the method of teaching at UCL’s GBSH is cutting-edge! UCL GBSH employs a flipped learning approach so that the students can immerse themselves in the learning material with full capacity to gain the most out of their UCL journey. The classroom sessions are highly interactive and ensure that students leave the classroom after wholesome, thought-provoking lessons.

UCL’s GBSH is the perfect place for you if you aspire to learn from the finest faculty and participate in ground-breaking research to accelerate the growth of your career. The institution provides the students with the tools they require to navigate the highly intricate and nuanced world of the business side of healthcare. The learning at UCL GBSH will make sure that you attain highly transferrable skills in a global healthcare context so that regardless of where you go from here, you will be prepared to face the world with the best training in the field.