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Student organisations: a pathway to developing essential skills for your corporate career

3 August 2023

Explore how student organisations can be a pathway to corporate success with student ambassador Rida. Learning how engaging in these groups at UCL GBSH can enhance your professional growth from leadership to soft skills.

Student organisations a pathway to developing essential skills for your corporate career

When it comes to personal and professional growth, the university is a time of transformation. As students navigate their academic journey, engaging in student organizations can be a game-changer. These dynamic groups offer opportunities for social connections and serve as a training ground for developing essential soft leadership and transferable skills. Students in the GBSH cohort come from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from doctors and nurses to Economists. The shift from scientific and technical knowledge to a corporate paradigm can be difficult for many. 

This blog will explore some student organizations that will ease this transition and help you develop the essential skills to embark on your corporate career journey.  

1. Communication

From active listening to articulating thoughts with clarity and empathy, these experiences foster confident communication, a vital skill in any leadership role or professional setting. Joining a student organization such as UCL’s Communication Society exposes students to diverse communication scenarios. Effective communication is critical, whether leading a meeting, conveying ideas during brainstorming sessions, or interacting with members and external stakeholders. This society helps its members build essential public speaking skills through various events and workshops. 

2. Decision-making and Problem-solving

Student organizations and societies often require making essential decisions and solving problems that impact the group's direction. Leaders within these organizations learn to analyze situations, gather insights, and make well-informed choices. These skills transcend the campus environment and become invaluable in navigating life's challenges and professional pursuits. 180 Degrees Consulting Society is the one for students wanting to step foot in management consulting. With real-time projects with international charities and NGOs, this society will act as a stepping stone in your consulting carer.

3. Section: Embracing Entrepreneurship: Igniting Change and Driving Progress

With its transformative spirit and unwavering determination, entrepreneurship stands at the forefront of societal progress. Whether it's a visionary start-up founder or a seasoned business leader, entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in shaping our world. UCL’s Entrepreneurs Society is the perfect opportunity for students to embark upon their entrepreneurial journey. The society supports students in developing and growing their businesses through programs and seed funds. 

4. Conflict Resolution

Learning to resolve conflicts constructively cultivates soft leadership skills. Leaders adept at conflict resolution build cohesive teams, nurture trust, and foster an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued. University College London United Nations Association (UCLUNA), the official seat of the United Nations Association, UK, with its MUN-based training model, helps instil an understanding of global conflicts and resolution. It also helps in developing analytical and public speaking skills. 

5. Networking

Student organisations create an extensive connections network within the campus community and beyond. These networks are invaluable when seeking internships, mentorships, and job opportunities. Soft leaders build and nurture meaningful relationships, utilizing their networking prowess to impact their personal and professional lives positively. The IDEA Society is part of an international network base called IDEAS Globally. This society presents a unique opportunity for students to network and connect with like-minded individuals globally and get involved in global development.  This society helps its members expand their global network through its workshops and networking events. 

Student organisations are the ultimate training ground for developing soft leadership and transferable skills far beyond the university years. These dynamic groups provide a fertile ground for cultivating well-rounded individuals ready to take on the challenges of the real world. So, as you embark on your academic journey, seize the chance to engage with student organizations actively. With these transformative experiences, you will emerge as an empowered individual.