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National Health Executive Magazine Media Feature: The conundrum of technology

31 August 2023

National Health Executive Magazine has published an article by Professor Nora Colton, Director of the Global Business School for Health, discussing the challenges and potential of leveraging technology to improve healthcare quality, capacity, and cost control.

National Health Executive Magazine

"Instead, we need to see this as a long-term play. An investment in our health system that will pay off in the future. While healthcare technology won’t cut waiting lists straight away, it will help with diagnostics and prevention. Many of the people using apps and other digital technology to book appointments for minor issues or monitor their health from home are giving the NHS the opportunity to prevent their situation from becoming more serious. They may then receive lower-level treatment, which could be a course of medication rather than an operation. In some cases, that early intervention could prevent the need for long-term treatment or care. In the most extreme scenarios, it could save a life. By avoiding complex procedures and long courses of expensive drug therapies, this approach saves both time and money in the long term."

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