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What to pack when moving to London as a student

27 April 2023

Social Media Ambassador, Rida Peerzada, shares a packing checklist for all international students moving to London!

Packing list for moving to london

As a student myself, I understand the importance of being prepared and organised before embarking on any new journey. Although you can find everything possible in the UK, it can be a tad expensive. But, with the right packing list, you can make the transition smoother and hassle-free.

1. Clothing

Let’s start with the basics - clothing. The UK has unpredictable weather, so it's important to pack clothes suitable for all seasons. Pack warm jackets, scarves, and gloves for the winter months, and light clothes for the summer. If you're coming from a warmer climate, be prepared for the colder weather in the UK. But be mindful of weight restrictions too, you can always buy warm, bulky clothes here.

2. Walking shoes

There is a lot of walking to do in the UK, so make sure to carry your favourite pair of comfortable walking shoes. Avoid carrying heels or any less functional type of shoe.

3. Some Essentials

It’s important to pack items that you may not find easily in the UK. For instance, if you have a favourite brand of skin care, spices, or essential medications that are not readily available in the UK, make sure to bring enough to last you for a few months. This can save you the trouble of trying to find replacements and can also help you feel more at home.

4. Universal Adapter

Another important item to pack is a universal adapter. The UK uses a different type of plug and voltage compared to many other countries, so make sure to bring an adapter that can work with all of your electronic devices.

5. Bed linen

For students who are going to be living in student accommodation, it's important to pack bedding and towels. While some universities provide these, others may not. Check with your university beforehand to see what is included in your accommodation and pack accordingly.

6. Cooking essentials and food

If you're a student who enjoys cooking, you may want to pack some of your ready-to-eat snacks, favourite spices, and condiments. While the UK has a variety of shops and supermarkets available, it may not have the exact ingredients you need to make your favourite dishes. Additionally, if you have any dietary restrictions, make sure to pack enough food items to last you for a few days until you can find suitable alternatives. You may want to carry some crockery, utensils, and cutlery as well.

7. Essential documents

Finally, it's important to pack essential documents such as your passport, visa, and university acceptance letter, along with copies. Keep these documents in a safe, secure, and easily accessible place.

Things to avoid bringing:

1. Stationery

You can buy this for cheap from stores like The Works, Poundland, OneBeyond, etc.

2. Snacks

Non-traditional snacks and biscuits are available everywhere in the UK at a cheap price.

3. Items from Ikea

There are several Ikeas all over the UK, so it's better to buy them from the UK instead of your home country to avoid the hassle of packing.

4. Bath and body products:

There are plenty of inexpensive options available in the UK and these can be found at your local grocery store or pharmacy store such as Boots or Superdrug.

Packing for your stay in the UK can seem overwhelming, but with the right checklist, it can be a smooth and hassle-free process. With these tips in mind, you can make your stay in the UK comfortable and enjoyable.