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Leadership experience opportunities for UCL GBSH students

18 November 2022

This international leadership week, learn what leadership experience opportunities there are available to UCL GBSH students!

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There’s no doubt that leadership is one of the most highly valued skills by employers. Good leadership is essential for not only changing the status quo but for also ensuring continued growth and development in the healthcare industry. One of the greatest advantages of studying at the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) is the abundance of opportunities that are available to you to really develop your leadership skills.

GBSH Social Media Ambassador Sachi Bhutani shares some of the leadership development opportunities available to students at the UCL GBSH.

Join a society 

UCL has a wide variety of clubs and societies to join. By joining a sports club or society, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to not only meet new people, but also gain public speaking skills, organisation skills and of course, numerous chances for initiatives that you may take to assume leadership positions within a society or club committee. 

Gain new skills and give back to the community by volunteering 

Leaders are driven by a desire to change things for the better. Where better to do that than in a volunteer setting? You can volunteer with a variety of organisations thanks to UCL's volunteering team at the Students Union. Receive leadership coaching and support while making a difference in the areas that are most important to you. Furthermore, at UCL East (where UCL GBSH is based) students have countless opportunities to get involved with community engagement and philanthropic projects. You have the option to join an existing project to volunteer your time and skills or to set up your own innovative project with funding and support from the UCL East team. This is a great opportunity to build up your CV and get some incredible leadership experience.

Become a student representative

This is a top recommendation for students to really get to grips with what it takes to be a successful leader. Being a student representative gives you the opportunity to directly collaborate with internationally renowned academics and your fellow students to take charge of your educational experience. Leadership includes working with others toward a common purpose. You have the opportunity to represent the needs of the students at UCL. All UCL GBSH students have the opportunity to put themselves forward to become a student rep for their programme.

Tap into the wealth of resources at UCL Careers 

UCL careers offers a wide range of workshops and seminars among many other things to help you develop your leadership skills. Make sure you check out their page regularly to make the most out of this amazing free resource!

Health Executives in Residence scheme 

The UCL GBSH Health Executives in Residence are a group of industry leaders who volunteer their time to provide our students with career coaching and mentoring. Being leaders in their respective fields and industries, our Health Executives in Residence (HEiRs) are at the UCL GBSH to ensure UCL GBSH student graduate from UCL with exceptional experiences that mirror the reality of working in the healthcare industry. From providing advice on leadership to having in-depth conversations about your career aspirations, this unique scheme provides the perfect opportunity for UCL GBSH students to gain invaluable experience. This is an incredible resource available to GBSH students that should definitley be made the most of!

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