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UCL GBSH Feature: Trends Impacting Business Education In 2022, According To Business School Deans

20 January 2022

UCL Global Business School for Health Director Professor Nora Colton features in Business Because's latest article, predicting key trends that will impact Business Schools in 2022.

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In this recent Business Because article, reporter Thomas Nugent asks the deans and directors of the world's top business schools about which issues will impact MBA and business education in 2022.

The UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) programme director Professor Nora Colton is featured in the article with her prediction of upcoming business school trends.

Nora predicts, "Business schools will audit the curriculum to ensure grads can meet the world's most pressing challenges."

Nora expands; "We are living through several population crises, and both employers and graduates are looking for ways to deliver societal impact. When it comes to the future of business schools, the most significant change will be the rethink of the curriculum, primarily around society trends such as climate change, electronic data interchange (EDI), and health and wellbeing."

Read the full article to learn more about Nora's prediction, and to read more business school forecasts for the upcoming year.

Read the full article here

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