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Sherry Nakhaeizadeh

Lecturer in Crime and Forensic Science


Sherry’s background and research interest lies within forensic science interpretations specifically looking at cognitive and human factors. She is currently interested in the application of technological advancement and AI approaches in method development in forensic anthropology as well as using such technologies to understand the interpretive process and expertise in complex visual tasks applied within forensic anthropology specifically, and forensic science broadly. Sherry is also part of The International Centre for Evidence-Based Criminal Law (EB-CRIME) funded by the Swedish Research Council which is set up at Uppsala University in Sweden through a a network of international  researchers from different scientific disciplines that collaborate in research projects about evidence in criminal cases.

For more information on the International Centre for Evidence-Based Criminal Justice please click on this EB-CRIME link.

List of publications
Morgan, R.M., Earwaker, H., Nakhaeizadeh, S. Dror, I.E., Harris A., Rando, C (2018), Interpretation of forensic evidence: decision-making under uncertainty (at every step of the forensic science process) in  Crime Science Handbook Evidence Interpretation (in press).
Nakhaeizadeh, N., Morgan, R.M., Rando, C., Dror, I.E., (2017) Cascading Bias of Initial Exposure to Information at the Crime Scene to the Subsequent Evaluation of Skeletal Remains. Journal of Forensic Science doi: 10.1111/1556-4029.13569.
Dror, I.E., Morgan, R.M., Rando, C., Nakhaeizadeh, N., (2017) The bias snowball and the bias cascade effects: Two distinct biases that may impact forensic decision making have been received. Journal of Forensic Sciences doi: 10.1111/1556-4029.13569
Nakhaeizadeh, S., Dror, I.E., Morgan, R.M., (2015) The Emergence of Cognitive Bias in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations. British Journal of American Legal Studies, 4 (2) pp. 527-554
Nakhaeizadeh, S., Morgan, R.M., "Forensic Anthropology and Cognitive Bias" in Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science, eds A. Jamieson and A.A. Moenssens, John Wiley: Chichester. DOI: 10.1002/9780470061589.fsa1118. Published 14th June 2015.
Nakhaeizadeh, S., Dror, I.E. & Morgan, R.M. (2014). Cognitive bias in forensic anthropology: Visual assessment of skeletal remains is susceptible to confirmation bias. Science and Justice 54 (3) pp.208
Nakhaeizadeh, S., Hanson, I., Dozzi, N. (2014) The Power of Contextual Effects in Forensic Anthropology: A Study of Biasability In the Visual Interpretations of Trauma Analysis on Skeletal Remains. Journal of Forensic science, 59 (5) pp.1177-1183. 

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