UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences



The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences seeks to foster innovation in both the development of the academic discipline and the practice of the forensic sciences. Our academics are based in departments across UCL and in collaboration with the SECReT programme we support postgraduate research students from MRes through to completion of their PhDs. We welcome queries from prospective PhD applicants.

Our research explores two key areas:

Trace evidence dynamics

Trace evidence dynamics

Understanding the behaviour of trace evidence in different contexts and within different environments over space and time.

Interpretation of evidence

Interpretation of evidence

Understanding and interpreting forensic evidence is crucial if it is to be valuable within investigations and of assistance in a court.

Current research students


Mark Amaral

The Persistence of Trace Evidence on Fabrics and its Forensic Implications


Gwyn Evans

Detection of Vapour Phase Precursors Relevant to Home Made Explosives


Simona Gherghel

Investigating the Potential of Fragrance as a Suitable Form of Trace Evidence


Monika Jurcic

Vapour Phase Detection of Explosives


Saravanan Kanniappan

Investigating Ways to Improve the Reliability of Methods to Assess the Post-Mortem Interval (PMI)


Sherry Nakhaeizadeh

Investigating Cognitive Influences in Forensic Anthropology


Claire Oldfield

Developing Methods to Determine the Post Mortem Submersion Interval and Drift Trajectory of Human Bodies in UK Waterways.


Michaela Regan

Investigating the Use of Gunshot Residue (GSR) as Trace Evidence

Agathe Ribereau-Gayon

Agathe Ribereau-Gayon

Biological impact of the aquatic environment on the decomposition dynamics of human corpses submerged in oceanic conditions subsequently to airplane crashes: a casework study for forensic applications.


Kirstie Scott

Examining Diatom Traces to Determine their Potential for use as Evidence in Forensic Investigation


Nadine Smit

Inferential Reasoning in the Forensic Sciences: Improving the Interpretation of Evidence


Sian Smith

Exploring the Application of 3D/CAD Imaging to the Investigation of Skeletal Trauma


Beth Wilks

Development of an Innovative Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Exploitation Tool

Completed research students