UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences


About us

Our mission

The UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary initiative that brings together academics and practitioners committed to developing the academic discipline. Our research is empirically based, casework informed, and focused on delivering real world impact in a variety of ways:

  • We are pioneering innovative forensic science research with two major themes:
  1. Trace evidence dynamics
  2. Interpretation of evidence
  • We offer consultancy in a range of forensic disciplines including evidence interpretation, DNA and forensic geoscience.
  • Through all our activities we aim to create solutions to complex challenges in forensic science, to ultimately aid the justice system.
" ...The simple reality is that the interpretation of forensic evidence is not always based on scientific studies to determine its validity. This is a serious problem. Although research has been done in some disciplines, there is a notable dearth of peer-reviewed, published studies establishing the scientific bases and validity of many forensic methods.

(National Academy of Sciences - Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward p8)