Centre for Empirical Legal Studies


Centre for Empirical Legal Studies

The Centre for Empirical Legal Studies brings together experts across a range of social science disciplines to engage in interdisciplinary research with a bearing on law

The Centre for Empirical Legal Studies (CELS) is a world leader of methodological innovation in empirical legal studies. It promotes and supports interdisciplinary and collaborative social science research in the legal domain, to help build empirical legal research capacity in the United Kingdom to better enable evidence led evolution of law and justice systems around the world.

The Centre is housed in a law faculty that increasingly draws on and undertakes empirical research. A recent survey of faculty members indicated that no fewer than 25 have personally conducted empirical work, with more still having been involved in projects with empirical elements.   

Through its current membership, CELS is able to draw upon expertise in a variety of fields including law, sociology, criminology, psychology, social policy, statistics and political science, to bring new perspectives to bear upon the study of law and legal institutions.