Centre for Empirical Legal Studies



The Centre for Empirical Legal Studies is a major centre for interdisciplinary empirical research relating to law

Research projects currently being undertaken by members of the Centre for Empirical Legal Studies relate to access to justice, integration of legal and health services, judicial training and diversity, jury and tribunal decision-making, ethics in the legal profession, prison privatisation; prison therapeutic communities and women in prison. Details of current projects can be found on the UCL IRIS website.

Recently concluded studies include:

  • Tribunals and Ethnic Diversity
  • Diversity and Jury Fairness
  • Understanding Individual Behaviour Exploratory Network on Decision Making
  • Nuffield Inquiry on Empirical Legal Research
  • Paths to Justice: A Past, Present and Future Roadmap
  • The Authority and Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights
  • A Study of The Democratic Therapeutic Community at HMP Send
  • Diversity and Juries
  • Diversity and the Appointment of Deputy District Judges
  • Fairness of Jury Decision-Making
  • Judicial Diversity and Appointments
  • Judicial Training in Other Jurisdictions
  • Review of French Judicial Training and Education 
  • The Jury Experience in the Jubilee Line Case