UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences



We can help you with advice and world leading research in the forensic sciences. Our team regularly work on cases where forensic evidence is a core issue, and participate in policy formation. All our research aims to have real world impact and relevance and we want to spread it far and wide.

Bringing you up to speed

Need to quickly understand the ins and outs of a particular type of trace evidence for case? Or need to know what questions to ask? Or are you preparing a briefing paper on current issues in the forensic sciences or justice system? Or undertaking some background research.

It all starts with a conversation. Please get in touch.

Joining the dots between research and practice

To meet our vision we need our research to get into the hands of practitioners so we can support the justice system to make ever-more robust evidence based decisions. You can access all our publications below and we’re growing the number of accessible summary briefings of our research, which we’re publishing on our blog.  

Working together on your research needs

If you’re a forensic science practitioner or part of the industry that would be interested in collaborating with us we’d love to talk to you. We believe that forensic science research must be inextricably linked to the real world and not hidden away in an ivory tower so we’re always looking to form partnerships and collaborations with the forensic science community. Existing and recent partnerships include private forensic science providers, manufacturers, the police and security agencies, government policy advisors and, of course, other academic bodies.