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James French

Lecturer (Teaching)


Background: Dr James French joined UCL JDI Centre for the Forensic Sciences in November 2013 as a Research Fellow in Crime and Forensic Science. James completed his PhD in Forensic Science at UCL in 2013, having previously completed an MRes in Security Science at the Department of Security and Crime Science, UCL. Prior to this James graduated from The University of Oxford with a BA (Hons) in Geography. 

Research interests: James' principle research interests include trace physical evidence, evidence dynamics and the interpretation of forensic evidence, particularly the use of Bayesian Networks. James's work is particularly focused on gunshot residue (GSR) and his PhD research concerned secondary and tertiary transfer transfers of GSR and the implications of these dynamics for the investigation of firearms offences. This research project also explored the interpretation of GSR evidence using Bayesian Networks. 

Teaching and research: James continues to develop these areas of research and incorporate them within the teaching programmes at the Department, while developing new and existing collaborations with academia and industry to facilitate this. 

Conference presentations: James has presented at a number of international conferences, including the International Symposium held by the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) (2012 & 2014). 

List of publications
French, J.C., and Morgan, R.M. 2015. An experimental investigation of the indirect transfer and deposition of gunshot residue: Further studies carried out with SEM-EDX analysis. Forensic Science International 247 14-17
French, J.C., Morgan, R.M., Davy, J. 2014. The secondary transfer of gunshot residue: An experimental investigation carried out with SEM-EDX analysis. X-Ray Spectrometry 43 (1) 56-61
French, J.C., Morgan, R.M., Baxendell, P., Bull, P.A. 2012. Multiple transfers of particulates and their dissemination within contact networks. Science and Justice 52 (1) 33-41
Morgan, R.M., French, J.C., O'Donnell, L., Bull, P.A. 2010. The reincorporation and redistribution of trace geoforensic particulates on clothing: An introductory study. Science and Justice 50 (4) 195-199
Executive Feature: Weighing trace evidence. Police Professional July 26 2012

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